Henry The Dog Production’s goal is to offer non-profits and other organizations the opportunity to sell high-quality apparel and other promotional items to raise funds without the risk and hassle of filling orders or keeping inventory!

You just give us your designs and we take care of the rest!  If you don’t have a design, our staff of award-winning designers can design something for you. We will produce high quality apparel and other promotional items and put them on our website. As your orders come in, we fill the order, do quality control, pack, and mail out the shirts directly to the customer. You don’t need to do anything! At the end of each month, we will give you a report and a check from the proceeds of your sales. You’re now free to do more important things in your organization!

Want to support a cause?

Help support your favorite cause and show you care by purchasing their apparel and other promotional items. A portion of each and every item sold goes directly to the charity. You get quality promotional items to express your generosity and spread the message, and the organization gets proceeds to further their cause. It’s a winning formula for everyone!


Why use Henry The Dog Productions?

No risk! We take care of everything! There are no more expenses for you or anything else to worry about. No pre-purchasing boxes and boxes of shirts hoping you can sell them all make a profit. No more organizing volunteers to help sort, pack, and mail out shirts. No more giving away shirts for free. Every shirt and tote bag we sell makes your organization money!

We print and deliver the high quality t-shirts and tote bags to your supporters and give you all the proceeds! No need to place and track orders. No need to pay for inventory storage. No need to deal with a printer. No need to hassle with the shipping and handling of your merchandise. We do it all for you so you can focus on running your business!

If you sell one shirt or a hundred, we take care of it all. All you need to do is tell you family, friends, co-workers, and supporters to go to HenryTheDogProductions.com to order and help fund your organization!  The more you sell the more you receive!

We set your organization up with it’s own webpage with your own shirts for customers to order. The customer simply chooses the apparel and other promotional items they want and we handle the rest! In a few days, their quality custom printed items are sent to them, ready to wear, and ready to help bring awareness to your cause!


Contact us and start fundraising for your cause today!